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Have you ever struggled with picking out a pair of sunglasses which suit both your face and your personality? We know you have, because so did we. That is why, we have done our research and went ahead to compile detailing the best 4 tips on how to pick the perfect sunglasses. These useful tips will work for you regardless of age or personality, so make sure you read our bubbly post till the end before you make your choice!


In today’s world, good quality sunglasses are an absolute necessity to protecting our eyes from the beautiful but harmful still UV rays of the sun. This fact is nowhere more important perhaps, than in the land down-under; the sunny, red and vibrantly beautiful continent of Australia. The truth is, sunglasses have long since evolved from being just a simple protective and convenient accessory into one of the most important fashion statement gadget pieces one can own and display on a regular basis. Over the past years, people have been continuously trying to find the best pair of sunglasses by balancing the importance of protecting eyesight with their need to satisfy an ever changing fashion sense.


Sunglasses come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, colors, prices and designs. A well-chosen pair of quality sunglasses can both complement personality and complete a brilliant, fashionable look. That is why picking the best sunglasses can boost your self-confidence and help you to enjoy a beautiful, sunny day more than ever!

Colorful sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, classic aviators, so many options to choose from! Making the perfect choice usually follows an extensive amount of research, many invested hours and sometimes even some poor choices. All this, makes any good advice which can simplify the procedure quite valuable. So, let’s help you skip the pain and save some precious time by getting to our top 4 tips and see exactly how you can pick out the best sunglasses for you and your loved ones:


  1. Go back to the basics! Start the process of picking by considering the shape of your face.

The perfect sunglasses should flatter you in every way, meaning that they should be matched to the shape of your face. Here is a chart advising on the main frame types suited to different face shapes. Round shaped faces should opt for wayfarer, aviators or oversized big sunglasses while people with heart shaped faces can choose between wayfarer, cat eye or sports sunglasses to look at their best. The people who have an oval type face can choose between wayfarer, square and cat eye sunglasses while square types would be best suited with round frames, shield sunglasses or one of the famous aviators. Make sure you make the right choice if you want to look glamorous!

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  1. Choose the most suitable style for you! Take some time to browse through the varieties and discover cool sunglasses styles which best reflect your personality and taste. In this aspect, the rule of thumb is choosing the most appropriate style for you by finding a combination of your personal fashion sense with sunglasses matching the shape of your face. If you want to take a look at the latest trends and most fashionable sunglasses, click here. We donate half of the retail prices on all our sunglasses to charity supporting children who are suffering from cancer.


  1. Quality counts! While no one wants to overspend, cutting on quality when picking sunglasses is definitely a bad idea. Data shows that designer sunglasses are far more qualitative than their counterparts. Guess Designer sunglasses are highly fashionable and come in a variety of beautiful designs. In addition to this aspect, designer sunglasses tend to employ pristine materials, last considerably longer and offer up to 60% more protection for your eyes while knock-offs can even go as far as to hurt your eyesight. The safe choice would be to opt for a famous legit pair of brand sunglasses and wait for a sale before buying the perfect pair for you or your loves ones! If you are interested in taking advantage of a 50% sale on designer sunglasses check out our offer!


  1. Decide on the color and type of lenses which your trendy sunglasses should have. High quality lenses will help better focus the image and filter more of the harmful sun rays. Optimal sunglasses for usual daytime activities will tend to come in light colors picked from the pinkyellowbrown palette. Both yellow and amber lenses tend to also provide additional clarity in conditions such as haze or crepuscular hours. Lenses in shades of copper and brown help block glare as well as blue light making them the most appropriate for driving. No wonder brown sunglasses have been a long-term favorite of both pilots and professional drivers! At the same time, dark and polarized sunglasses filter considerably more glare and intense light than usual sunglasses, making them the perfect choice for athletes. All in all, you should keep in mind that the right chosen lenses will bring your highly fashionable look into a safer, clearer focus.

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Sunglasses are essential for a perfect summer season. Make sure you are buying the trendiest suitable pair of sunglasses for yourself today! Take care of your look, protect your eyes and help us support charity by buying a perfect pair of sunglasses for 2017 from us!